Boots Riley & Pierce Freelon: A Conversation on Art & Life

Join musicians, community organizers, and creative forces Boots Riley and Pierce Freelon for a conversation on how their art and lives inform—and are informed by—local and national politics and cultural movements, moderated by Kumi Silva, Associate Professor of Communications at UNC Chapel Hill. This event is free and open to the public.

Rapper/author/activist Boots Riley is integral to the progressive struggle for radical change through culture. After student organizing in Oakland’s public schools and joining the Progressive Labor Party’s central committee, he served as president of InCAR (International Committee Against Racism) and organized to build California’s Anti-Racist Farm Workers’ Union. He is performing at CURRENT with his band The Coup on April 7.

Pierce Freelon is the founder of Blackspace. He found early success co-founding the Emmy-award winning PBS web-series, Beat Making LabTM. Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, he holds degrees in Black Studies from UNC Chapel Hill (BA) and Syracuse University (MA).