The most outstanding things about CURRENT ArtSpace + Studio

The CURRENT ArtSpace + Studio is an immersive performing arts venue located in the heart of the new Carolina Square and exactly at 123 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, United States. It has a 4,000 square feet black box theatre. This venue is versatile and designed with input from a qualified theatre consultant, University faculty and staff, and student groups. You may be a beginner to the Current ArtSpace and think about the main thing included in it. The Current ArtSpace features ultra-modern and experiential performances encouraging audience participation. All shows here are distinctively idiosyncratic and known for the arresting environmental design, eclectic graphics, and quirky typography.

The most reliable arts venue

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How to promote the pressure washing service

In recent years, enhancements in the products and services offered by reputable pressure washing companies throughout the nation encourage many residents to know and keep up-to-date with this profession. If you are one among such people and very curious about how to access the best pressure washing products, services, and professional skills, then you can visit the well-known arts venue CURRENT ArtSpace + Studio. Service-based vendors in the pressure washing sector prefer this venue to be smart and successful in showcasing their services.

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